Energy Audit

Energy audit is an effective tool for comprehensive energy management programs. Effective management of energy-consuming systems can lead to significant cost and savings as well as increased comfort, lower maintenance costs, and extended equipment life.

A successful energy management program begins with a detailed energy audit. Energy audit is aimed at improving energy efficiency. The main objective is to determine ways and to reduce the Specific Energy Consumption (SEC). Therefore, the extent and type of Audit should result in gains commensurate with the efforts.

IIEM has so far carried out more than 25 energy audits in industry and commercial sector. Realizing the fact that many Energy Audit studies do not reach the implementation stage, IIEM has launched a unique concept called “Energy Conservation Circle”. This aims to promote an in-built energy conservation team by way of a methodical training program covering energy technology as well as behavioural sciences. The team would be equipped to identify and implement energy conservation projects under periodic guidance and the assistance of IIEM experts.


  • Training / Seminars / Workshops / Awareness programs on topics on energy management etc, across the country.
  • Customized in country training programs as per specific corporate requests.
  • Customized training programs for policy implementers.

IIEM has conducted more than 100 training programmes covering various aspects such as boilers, steam, compressors, pumps etc. The training is imparted through specialists involved in more than 500 industrial energy audits and having about two decades of experience and experts retained from leading organizations. The training programs are structured to bring out the participant creativity, innovation and excellence. The institute also takes up in-house training and awareness program for the benefit of a larger industrial cross section.

Project Management

IIEM has an extensive knowledge in the renewable energy sector. Our services in the renewable energy sectors are aimed at providing 360 degree services from one focal point, to make project implementation seamlessly easy.

We work on Solar Power Projects, Roof Top Solar Projects, Wind Power Projects, Biomass Based Power Projects.

  • Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) or Feasibility Reports or Assessment Studies etc.
  • Commissioning of Renewable Energy Project Management Consultancy (PMC) services.
  • Assisting & monitoring for design, engineering, installation, commissioning, testing, O&M and DPR verification / Performance testing reports / EYA reports.
  • Monitoring & supervision of project execution and commissioning activities to ensure quality & project time frame.
  • To ensure and evaluate that the project designs and drawings are in line with the project requirement.
  • Capacity building for successful management and operation of the project.
  • To assist in successful commissioning.



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